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About us

While working for fifteen years with the biggest organization we have discovered that people expect much more that two days long workshops. We like short, engaging forms. We use the design thinking methods, the gamification approach and other alternative forms of development. Being inspired with the research of neuroscience, we often see the link between functioning in the world of business and the functioning of our brain. We often create projects that are based on strengths of your employees, as we aim to help them be full of energy and really effective at work.

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Why us?

We are effective

We are effective

Our trainers and consultants are our biggest advantage. They are passionate experts that specialize in different areas of growth and development. As fully engaged professionals, they positively influence the participants of our workshops, making them even more exceptional and effective.

We are creative

We are creative

We not only deliver full time workshops, but also create new forms of development projects like short, intensive, three-hour-long meetings, inspirational videos, strategic games or exceptional speeches for the best experts in particular areas.

We are innovators

We are innovators

We constantly follow new trends that are valued all over the world. We have designed new developmental projects like Happiness at Work, Be Premium or Die or Management Team 4.0, that support organizations in their road to success and constant development.

Our team

Halina Piasecka

I am a passionate expert, consultant and coach in the area of happiness at work. My task is to support management teams in their will to have happy and fully engaged teams. I strongly believe that happy employees equals happy clients. Premium client service and customer centricity – these are my favourite subjects of developmental projects run for the biggest organisations.

Maciej Żylewicz

Coach, trainer, consultant, creator – these are complementary skills that I use every day at work. I know how to measure happiness at work: I have a certificate of a professional happiness at work researcher. Strategic games are my passion – I play and design games. I believe that games are strong and very useful business tools.

Małgorzata Bochińska

I am a psychologist and I believe that psychology can foster real changes in organisations. Therefore I use the most important scientific discovery and my own experience of conducting research project in several European countries to conduct research in the business field connected to communication, leadership and effectiveness of teams. I am strongly convicted that we can use scientific discovery to improve the quality of both, professional and private life. That’s why I consult organisations, I support teams, I deliver trainings . I am also the creator of a foundation that has a clear goal: to make science more known for everyone.

Karina Tomczyk

I am a consultant and trainer of soft skills which are crucial at work. Emotional intelligence, positive relations and effectiveness at work are my professional specialization. I believe that we strongly need personal development and growth – that’s where I take my inspiration from.

Aleksandra Potykanowicz

I use my experience and knowledge to support sales force and sales managers in organizations. I really like projects that improves the quality of work. I am a passionate of the “growth mindset” approach. As a big fun of sport I run marathons and climb mountains.

Joanna Matusiak

I am an experienced trainer who specialises in the area of communication, sales and client service. I have a big experience in sales and management in the motorization branch, which is known as the most demanding one. I am passionate about sport and cooking, I also have a small company where I create handmade carpets, pillows and baskets.

Konrad Kiljan

Public speaking and art of persuasion are my main passions. My experience of popularising debating prepared me to understand the real reasons behind disagreements in teams and between groups. I run nationwide educational projects and conduct research on ways of improving the quality of public debate. I love helping my Clients put their ideas into words and express them effectively.

Bartłomiej Janiak

Coach and business trainer. I believe that the holarchy of mind, body and soul is the key element of every process. By offering support in these three areas we can ensure versatile development and appropriate level of balance in the field of business and private life.

Joanna Sztachańska

I’m a business trainer, psychologist and researcher in the area of positive psychology. I’m currently doing my PhD in Psychology and studying the effect of gratitude on wellbeing in various populations. I use the results of my research and the latest discoveries of positive psychology to help the people I work with maximize their happiness, as well as their satisfaction with life and work. Personally, I’m an enthusiast of everything that requires leaving my comfort zone and testing my limits – marathon running, climbing and diving.


We worked with:

Accenture, Accord, Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia, Alior, Allegro, Allianz, Alstom, Altaterra, APN Promise, Atradius, Auchan, Baxter, Baxalta, Bonair, Bonduelle, Bre Ubezpieczenia, BGŻ Leasing, BPI, Carrefour, CCIFP, Centrum Nauki Kopernik, CFE, Chevrolet, CQURE, Dakea, Danone, Deutsche Bank PBC, DnB Nord, DuPont, Energizer, Euro Bank, Feu Vert Car Service, Fundacja Edukacyjna Perspektywy, General Motors, GE Money, Bank BPH, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, GO Sport, Grąbczewscy, IBM, IKEA, Infiniti, Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego, Jungheinrich, Kancelaria Krzysztof Łaski i Joanna Deczkowska, Kaufland, Kia Motors, Lingaro, Lynx Optique, Loyalty Partner, Lukas Bank, Medicover, Michelin, Microsoft, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny, Nationale Nederlanden, Nissan Europe, NoboSolutions, Nowe Media, Novum, Nutricia, Oney, Opel, Orlen Upstream, Payback, Philips, PLNG, Procter&Gamble, PZU, Raiffeisen Bank, Reckitt Benckiser, Revlon Professional, Roedl, Saab, Siroscan, Skrivanek, Sodexho Pass Polska, Sodexo, SPCC, Suez (Safege), Sun-Farm, Superapteka, SuperPharm, TEVA, Vipharm, Vital Voices, Wolters Kluwer, Wyższa Szkoła Ekologii i Zarządzania