21 January 2014

Inspired to be Happy

Are you familiar with our Inspired to be Happy project? If not – feel welcome! Every week we add new ideas and inspirations; and you can also add your own definition of…

21 January 2014

Happiness at Work

In cooperation with Wolters Kluwer, we’d like to invite HR Directors to an HR Breakfast on the 10th December. Would you motivate a 26-year old the same way as you would a…

21 January 2014

Women’s Business Club New Year’s Meeting

On 21st January 2014 at 6.30 p.m., we are meeting at the headquarters of Leroy Merlin, at 72 Targowa Street. At the New Year’s meeting of the Women’s Business Club we are…


Happiness at work



Employees who are happy at work have:
– 180% more energy
– 108% more engagement
– 50% more motivation
– 30% more achieved aims
– 25% more efficiency



Happiness at work is a specific business term. People who are happy at work have a mindset that enables them to fully use their potential in optimal action. They can react well to difficult situations, achieve more in business and motivate others.



The term’s components, such as pride and Employee engagement, translate into companies’ results, but also into “Customer’s engagement”, or long term relations of the Client with the brand. They are also a method of motivating and management of employees of younger generations, and creating a desired and highly positive company image in the labour market.



The research of our partners from iOpener Institute in Oxford clearly show the benefits for companies that are generated by implementing projects raising levels of happiness. We work with precise tools that can measure happiness at work and we build specific solutions based on results, all in order to achieve your business goals.

About us

Since 2007 we have been gaining your recognition for transforming needs of organizations into concrete projects. We have been creating workshops and training session for you, we have been speaking in conferences and coaching. We have been doing it so that your business goals can change into reality.

We are efficient

Our greatest asset are our trainers and experts – each of them specialises in an area which is simultaneously their passion. This is why the engagement of our Employees is so great, which immediately translates into the efficiency of training. Training participants often stress that apart from factual value, our training has outstandingly good atmosphere and positive energy.

We are creative

We use both well-tried forms of workshops and training, and we design projects based on three-hour-long sessions, inspirational videos, strategic games of outstanding speeches by the greatest Polish and international experts. We successfully engage the youngest generations into projects that use social media or the “gamification” processes.

We are innovative

We consistently develop, observe international trends and adjust them to the Polish reality. We run topics such as Happiness at Work, Employee and Customer Engagement, Leadership coaching according to our own programmes that link our experience of working with organisations in Poland with cooperation with experts from England, France, Belgium and the United States.

Our Team

  • Halina Piasecka


    I am an expert and coach of the area of happiness at work – this subject is my passion. I eagerly engage in projects that involve human resources management and change management, I greatly appreciate working with managers, leaders and their teams. I have a vast experience in running training and workshops related to efficiency, the use of emotional intelligence at work, and stress management.

  • Maciej Żylewicz


    Coach, trainer, consultant & designer – these are the complementary abilities that I use in my everyday work. We can actually measure happiness at work – and I am a certified happiness scientist! Strategic games are my passion – I play and I design them. I believe games are a powerful business tool.

  • Karina Tomczyk


    I am a trainer and business consultant. Emotional intelligence is my passion – I focus on the area of understanding emotions, their adequate perception and expression, and finally managing difficult situations. I am also interested in communication between men and women – from teamwork, through functioning at home and at work, to male and female drivers’ behaviour.

  • Aleksandra Potykanowicz


    I support sales people and their managers with my knowledge and experience, designing and running workshops on improving sales processes and Customer service. I derive most satisfaction from projects that aim at work quality improvement, as well as at private life quality improvement. I want to provide the most up-to-date and efficient tools, which is why personal development is crucial to me.

  • Joanna Matusiak


    I am a trainer-practitioner with many years of experience. I specialize in communication, sales and Customer service. Before I became a trainer, for many years I had been working in sales and sales management in the automotive industry, which is considered one of the most demanding branches ever. Sport and cuisine ensure work-life balance to me, as well as my small weaving manufacture, which allows me to fulfil myself artistically in hand-made carpets, pillows and baskets.


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